Explosion at Times Square Army recruiting office

No injuries reported, according to Emily Chasan and Walker Simon for Reuters:

A small explosion damaged a U.S. military recruiting station but caused no injuries in New York’s Times Square before dawn on Thursday, triggering a Pentagon alert for other stations across the country.

“We’re treating it as if it were an incident of vandalism,” Army spokesman Paul Boyce said at the Pentagon.

Times Square — the normally bustling “Crossroads of the World” with shops, restaurants, hotels, theaters and office towers — was largely empty when the crude bomb went off at around 3:45 a.m. (0845 GMT).

Low-grade explosives packed in an ammunition box cracked the recruiting station’s thick glass door and twisted its metal framing, police said. The blast also shattered a window encasing the classic poster of Uncle Sam saying “I Want You.”

The full story is at the link above. A video camera may have captured the bomber’s image, reports Tom Hays for AP:

The video shows the bicyclist getting off a bike at 3:40 a.m. Thursday and walking toward the building. A minute or so later, the person returned to the bike and rode away. A brief flash and a cloud of white smoke follows.

A bike, believed used in the crime, was later found in the trash on West 38th Street, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

I hope they catch the scum.

In an unrelated bomb case, a UC-Davis student has been arrested with bomb materials in his dorm room.

The Times Square Bombing: What's The Big Deal?
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