The Up Side Of Illegal Aliens

Usually, whenever I write about illegal aliens, I talk about the harm they do to our nation. They erode respect for the law, they represent a great potential threat to our security, and do damage to our economy. They also cheapen the efforts of those who do take the time and show the respect for us and our ways by coming here legally, following the regulations, and — in short — doing it right.

But it occurs to me that there are a lot of benefits to having this group of people in our country. As a lot of their advocates say, they do a lot of jobs that Americans can’t be bothered to do, at least at the wages employers like to pay.

And they also are great at being victims to the crimes Americans don’t want to be victimized by.

Let’s face it. Despite our best efforts, we’re never going to be able to completely stop crime. So instead of futilely trying to end it, why not simply try to contain it? Illegal aliens are a tremendous asset in this struggle. Since they’re here illegally in the first place, they’re highly unlikely to report crimes to the authorities — they prefer to avoid any attention from authorities. So most crimes against them will go unreported, meaning our statistics will be better.

Even more meaningfully, every illegal alien represents an American citizen or a legal immigrant who has not been victimized. They’re protecting us, suffering the assaults and robberies and sundry other attacks that the criminals would otherwise inflict on the citizenry.

I have to admit, I was partly inspired to this thought by the recent spate of shootings in “gun-free zones.” I started thinking of them as “hunting preserves for psychos,” and realized that the same principle holds here. The illegal alien community can serve a similar function, allowing our criminals to prey freely without fear of the police.

So the next time you see an illegal alien, say “thank you” for what they do us.

Then, if you feel like it, whack ’em upside the head and steal their wallet. They aren’t likely to call the cops.

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