Shoot the wabbit

Another of those only in Florida stories. Guess what held up traffic yesterday?

PALM BEACH GARDENS — Police wrangled a gigantic pink bunny from atop an overpass above Interstate-95 in Palm Beach Gardens this morning.

“He was a hazard,” said a Gardens dispatcher, and apparently causing quite a traffic back up to boot.

The fuzzy culprit turned out to be the Buzz Bunny, who is promoting Buzz 103.1 FM’s upcoming adult Easter egg hunt.

He was standing on the overpass just south of Donald Ross Road and waving down at drivers.

“I’m going to have to have a talk with the bunny,” said the station’s promotions director Brett Russell. “Obviously we don’t mean to do that.”

The bunny was called in by a Gardens police officer shortly before 8:40 a.m., according to dispatchers.

Where was Elmer Fudd when you need him? A giant pink bunny waving at rush hour traffic. As I so often say about Florida- Isn’t this a great state or what?

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