Chris Cuomo: Harry was in Afghanistan because he’s “expendable”

How quickly do you think he’ll put out an apology for this display of asshattery?

Check out Good Morning America co-host Chris Cuomo saying that Prince Harry was in Afghanistan because he’s “expendable”:

Did your jaw drop watching that? Mine sure did.

So what does this mean? That unless you’re second in line to become a King, that you mean nothing? What a huge slap in the face to service members everywhere. Hey, guess what guys? According to the GMA co-host, you’re serving overseas because you’re expendable! It doesn’t matter if you die!

What a piece of shit that Chris Cuomo is.

I know, I know, most liberals look down their noses at our service members, but all the same… keep your dirty thoughts to yourself, would you?

And as far as Prince Harry is concerned… the rest of us sane people salute you. I personally find his story to be one of incredible courage and selflessness, and I think what he did was incredibly admirable, until someone had to go mess it up (way to go, Drudge).

And no, Chris “Douchebag” Cuomo. No servicemember is “expendable” just because they aren’t next in line to a throne, or wealthy, or powerful, or whatever it is that makes you think someone is inexpendable. But I can tell you one thing right now — each and every member of our military is more important, and more admirable, than you are and ever will be. You’re just an MSM peon; you don’t deserve to lick their boots.

Hat Tips: Newsbusters, The Jawa Report, and Blackfive

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