I’m free

As I noted in an update to my earlier post, my chemotherapy has ended. My raditation treatments have also. Eight weeks have passed and I feel like I did when I started.

There have been a few changes. Between chemo and the immuneotherapy I had last year, I lost almost 75 lbs. No problem I was heavy to start with, My hair is gone. Not that there was much to start with. I use a baseball cap when outdoors. Now it will be interesting to see what color my hair will be when it growns back in? It was dark brown before. Will it be brown, red, blonde, green? Better not be green, the wife may not want to be seen with me at church then.

A little known fact- Some chemo patients do have their hair come in a slightly different color after treatment.

This week I go for a bunch of tests. Chest X-ray, bloodwork, and a cat scan of my brain. Then I go back to the oncologist Tuesday of next week to get the results. Remember I started treatment because brain tumors were discovered the end of next year.

I hate waiting for results. Any cancer patient will tell you its the pits. I hope to report back next week sounding like former baseball player Dizzy Dean. “They x-rayed my head and found nothing.” One or two Wizbang readers may say that’s true with or without the chemo.

I’m trying to stay positive. The survival stats for Stage IV malignant melanoma are very scary.(Less than a year) There was one lady, Kim Wheeler, who lived some 26 or 27 years at Stage IV. I’d be happy with half of that.

All so I can put up with people running out of gas in the middle of Lantana Road, my family members watching Filipino TV and most particularly Wowowee, our cat named Misay chasing a noodle over the house, and all sorts of fun things. It is better than the alternative.

Thank you to all Wizbang readers who wished me well through my treatments.

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