Prince Harry Heading Home


The Sun and CNN are reporting that British Prince Harry is on his way home after The Drudge Report published details on his 10 week deployment to Afghanistan. They report that he’s engaged the enemy, just like other gunners (no special favors) and directed airstrikes that kill 30 Taliban fighters. More details from The Sun:

His extraordinary tour of duty was known about by all British media – including The Sun – but kept secret under an unprecedented voluntary arrangement.

Yet notorious US news website the Drudge Report yesterday revealed damaging details, sending top brass into a spin.

Generals were meeting late into last night to decide whether to rush Harry home five weeks ahead of schedule.

…One senior military source said: “We’re going to have to bring him home immediately.

“We have to expect that every fanatical fighter in 1,000 miles of him will be pulling out all the stops to find him.”

Interesting that there was a complete, voluntary media blackout, though in hindsight that was probably the only way he could actually have served.

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