My Primary Vote

I am a firm believer in citizens’ duty to vote, so I went out today and early-voted in the Republican Primary. Partly because there are a lot of races at the state and local and county level which need attention, but also because even with the current weasel-fest, a vote matters.

So, besides the other races, platform decisions and issues, I cast my vote for Mitt Romney to be the Republican Party nominee for President. It occurred to me that it might be worth discussion, that decision.

I am still undecided, frankly, about whether I will vote for John McCain this fall if he – as expected – wins the GOP nomination. I fully understand the ramifications of not supporting the Republican in a race, where the Democrat would clearly be far worse. But for now, in the primary, the decision was easy – even out of the race, Romney did more to convince me he was fit and suited for the job, while McCain did not even make the effort to earn my vote.

When the votes are tallied, I fully expect McCain to have ‘won’ Texas. That makes my vote more important, than less. If enough people vote as I did, maybe McCain will ‘win’ by something less than a convincing margin, and it would send an appropriate message, for McCain to find that voters prefer some of the guys already out of the race, to the fake conservative from Arizona. John McCain might get my vote this fall, but he will have to earn it. I think there are many of us who feel that way, and it’s up to John to show he has learned that he needs conservatives to win and direct his campaign accordingly, not for us to knuckle under to threats or scare tactics.

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