Breaking News- Power outage for 3 million people in Florida

As you can see, I’m not one of them.

MIAMI – A nuclear reactor owned by Florida’s largest electric company automatically shut down Tuesday, causing sporadic power outages throughout the state that affected 3 million people. Authorities did not specify the cause of the shutdown but say there were no safety concerns.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that the two Florida Power & Light nuclear reactors at its Turkey Point power point 30 miles south of Miami automatically shut down. Two other power plants farther north in the state, the Crystal River reactor and St. Lucie twin reactors, continued to operate, although officials at those two facilities noticed the grid disturbance.

“We don’t know whether the grid disturbance caused the units to shut down or that their shut down caused the grid disturbance,” said Kenneth Clark, a spokesman at the NRC regional office in Atlanta. He said the two reactors were automatically shut down.

“There are no safety concerns. The reactors shut down as designed,” said Clark in a telephone interview. He said both reactors continued to have offsite electric power. He said two coal-burning power plants at Turkey Point also shut down.

FPL estimated power should be restored by 6 p.m. A spokeswoman who spoke briefly to a reporter in the lobby of the company’s Juno Beach headquarters did not have any additional information.

The news was featured on Fox News. I had radiation today and am lying on the couch right now and didn’t know anything about the outage till I got two email about it in the last thirty minuts. Florida goes dark while I watch television. The outage reaching from the keys to Northern Florida.

Besides power at home, my wife’s office has electricity. She works less than three miles from home. However my sister-in-law’s home and work are affected. Leonette lives in South Broward County and works in Miami. My home is 65 miles north of downtown Miami.

What happened? Who knows at this point but I will remind people of this news.

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