A Glimpse Into An Obama Administration

Hillary Clinton has done the unthinkable for me: she has made it possible for me to see Barack Obama as president of the United States.

And she did it while trying to do just the opposite.

A member of the Clinton campaign released that infamous photo of Obama in native garb during his 2006 visit to his father’s homeland of Kenya. The purpose of this was to fuel the “Obama is a crypto-Muslim” crap they’ve been feeding the public for some time now. But, as is turning out to be the case so many times, it blew up in her face.

(A comparison of Hillary to Monica Lewinsky and a certain blue dress would be appropriate, but in incredibly poor taste.)

As Michelle Malkin, among others, pointed out, dressing up in native garb during visits to other lands is one of the unwritten duties of a president, or other national leader. And I, for one, will never mock a politician for doing so.

When John Kerry was photographed in a “bunny suit” while touring a NASA facility, I thought the derision was stupid. Those suits, while appearing ridiculous, are vital to keeping the equipment clean and safe.

When Michael Dukakis was shown in the hatch of a tank, I also thought that was not fully worthy of mockery. Only in the context of his lackluster-at-best support for the military was it really humorous — the appearance alone was not enough.

I don’t like it when female political figures put on Islamic-compliant garb. The Muslim oppression of women is one of the most appalling aspects of the religion. It not only objectifies women and declares that their mere appearance outside anything more revealing than a Hefty bag is unclean, it reduces men to slaves to their baser desires and proclaims that they are unable to control themselves from acts of brutal inhumanity should they catch the slightest glimpse of female flesh — and it’s never their fault if they act upon them. But my attitude towards Nancy Pelosi or Laura Bush when they do that is not based on their appearance per se, but the symbolism of submitting to such attitudes.

So yeah, Obama went to Kenya and put on native garb. That is probably the most presidential thing he’s done so far.

Thanks again, Senator Clinton, for making your opponent look even better — especially in comparison to you.

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