10 cautionary tales to remember before we settle for Obama

A lot of people seem content to just resign themselves to an Obama presidency. Well, newsflash folks, Obama’s presidency is not inevitable, and it isn’t likely to be just another “Carter presidency”. It isn’t likely to give us another Reagan, either — great leaders like don’t come around every four years. I’m not going to lecture anyone right now about supporting McCain, but I do want to remind people of just what we’ll be getting into by settling for Obama. Here’s a refresher on the problems we have with Barack Hussein Obama, the most liberal senator in the United States Senate:

  • The man Obama calls his mentor is a known communist. A President with Communist leanings: exactly what this country needs!
  • Obama refused to hold his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. The Flag code states that all should put their right hand over their heart during the National Anthem when the flag is also displayed, except those in uniform. But don’t question his patriotism or anything.
  • Obama also seems to have a problem with wearing a flag pin because to him it’s “unpatriotic”. But, you know, he LOVES his country and all.
  • Obama wants us to pay 845 billion dollars to help the U.N. “relieve global poverty”. We, the taxpayers, will of course be the ones to pick up the tab.
  • Obama associated with 1960s violent anti-war radicals, including some whose acts escalated to terrorism.
  • Obama supporters can’t even name a single thing he has accomplished.
  • Obama is a Che Guevara fan — you know, the Cuban murderer that liberals like to celebrate.
  • Who can forget Texas State Senator Kirk Watson, an Obama supporter who couldn’t name a single legislative accomplishment during Obama’s short time in the Senate?
  • As President, Obama is promising us 850 billion dollars in new spending, 850 billion of which will likely be wasted.
  • 8 things you should know about the relationship between Obama and Tony Rezko.
  • Feel free to reproduce these links — apparently we need to be reminded of just what it is we’ll be getting with an Obama presidency.

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