No Country for Old Men

Awesome flick. That Best Picture Oscar richly was deserved. It’s good to see the Acadamy is getting in tune with grittier and edgier fare.

For those who missed it, “No Country” takes a bit of “The French Connection,” and mixes in elements of “Taxi Driver” and “The Hitcher,” with a dash of “High Noon” and “Outland,” while incorporating a modern take on “The Searchers.”

Gripping. Haunting. In places funny too.

If you haven’t seen it, and if you decide to rent it or to buy the DVD, just remember to pay careful attention to Tommy Lee Jones’ monologue after the car crash scene. Otherwise you’ll miss the ending. Literally.

It’s also good to see the Coen brothers getting accolades. Long overdue, I might add. They should have won a Best Picture statue over a decade ago for the great “Fargo.”

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