Blog-Style Assisted Suicide

Well, Olaf’s Troll Hammer has claimed another victim. “nogo postal,” the self-styled pot-smoking disabled vet with a rampant case of ellipsis abuse, has been banned.

Whoops, I’m sorry. That’s not fair.

I banned him. (I hate using the passive voice, especially when it’s something I’m so proud of doing.)

In nogo’s case, it was clearly a case not of trollicide, but assisted suicide.

Back in January, nogo published his swan song. Here’s the key excerpt:

“good news..I am leaving here.. cause I see the fucking hypocritical bullshit.. please,,,ban me……..”

At that point, I figured “good riddance.”

But he kept coming back.

Every time I noticed a new comment from him, I reminded him of his promise to leave. And each time, he ignored me.

I finally realized that, like an addict, he was incapable of keeping his promise. So I helped him, and made his banning official from this end.

I’d hoped that would help him get over his problem, but it didn’t. Over the weekend, I got an e-mail from him:

You may or may not have had a voice in me being banned again from Wizbang. It does not matter. Any website has and should have control over postings. However,; to the best of my knowledge I have never made derogatory postings with a core of sexism or racism. To the Best of my knowledge I have never made obscene remarks to any poster.
I try not to dwell on subjective terms like hypocrisies…but I do embrace irony.
If Wizbang wishes to filter dissenting views…hey mantis appeared before me and has
There will be a time, if not now, where no dissenting views appear on live in a virtual world where everyone agrees…
I wish you the best in your writing. So many talk about it but do not put forth what you are doing…
No matter who our next President is…He/She will at least have enough of a command of our language as to not embarrass us with a lack simple verb/subject agreement.

I don’t know why, but I answered him:

You idiotic dipshit, I did not “have a voice” in your banning, I WAS the voice. And that voice was merely respecting your own words from January 19 of this year:

“good news..I am leaving here.. cause I see the fucking hypocritical bullshit.. please,,,ban me……..”

You came back NINE TIMES after that fare-thee-well, and damned near every time I answered your comments with a reminder of your pledge. Finally, I got fed up with your attitude and finally took you at your word.

You’re right about how Wizbang ought to tolerate dissenting voices, and we do. But your subliterate ramblings, your insistence on trying to change the topic to whatever you thought was more important, and most importantly your own remarks above convinced me that I simply did not want the headaches associated with your continued presence.

Wizbang does not suppress or silence dissenting views; we have a very high threshold for those who disagree with us. Quite possibly a higher threshold than any other site with anywhere near our level of popularity.

What we have very little tolerance for is the kind of stupid, petty bullshit that was your trademark, along with your gibbering style of writing — rambling, run-on, meaningless sentences, absolute disdain for conventional rules of grammar and capitalization, and most of all an obsession with using ellipses to the point of abuse — simply gave me one headache too many.

I note that in this letter and in the occasional comment, you actually did evince a certain familiarity with proper grammar and spelling and capitalization, but the English major in me simply found your comments almost physically painful to read. They were as irritating, purely as a manner of style, as those of spurwing plover — who I’ve banned several times, but apparently he’s on an AOL dialup and simply blocking his IP doesn’t work.

Rest assured, you will not be missed. And fear not about leaving Wizbang free of contrary voices — not only do we have larkin, Steve Crickmore, and Paul Hooson as “in-house loyal opposition,” we have a ready stable of critics and contrarians who are always prepared to demonstrate their ignorance — BarneyG, JFO, and Brian come too readily to mind.

Have fun finding a new blog to annoy. You made your bed (or, rather, slammed the door) back in January; don’t complain that I decided to simply take you at your word and lock it behind you.


If anyone was wondering what it takes to get banned, here’s a clear example: post a big “FU, I’m leaving and never coming back,” then keep coming back.

In memory of nogo’s memory, there will be a brief moment of silence.

This will be followed by a minute or two of giggling.

At that point, full-blown guffaws and howls of derisive laughter will be held.

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