Time to trust McCain

John Hawkins has done another one of his always-popular blogger polls, and the topic was John McCain. 59 blogs responded, and the poll showed that John McCain, unsurprisingly, has not yet been able to completely gain the trust of conservatives. Here are some of the results (visit Right Wing News to view them all):

Do you intend to vote for John McCain in November?

A) Yes: 40 — 75%
B) No: 13 — 25%

Do you consider John McCain to be a conservative?

A) Yes: 19 — 34%
B) No: 37 — 66%

Do you trust John McCain to appoint Supreme Court Justices like Roberts and Alito?

A) Yes: 32 — 55%
B) No: 26 — 45%

How enthusiastic would you be about actually having John McCain as President on a 10 scale? Think of a score of 10 as being extremely enthusiastic and excited and 1 as being about very upset and unenthusiastic.

Average score: 4.7
The answers to this poll were troubling to me, and not because I distrust John McCain. I do distrust McCain on several issues, but I am ready to put that aside for now, and other conservatives need to do the same.

All throughout the primaries, most of us in the blogosphere have been steadfastly against John McCain — myself included. But it’s time to get over the feelings that most of us have of distrust, fear, and anger about McCain being our nominee. Like it or not, he is the nominee, and we can’t keep focusing on the negatives. What truly saddens me concerning John McCain is that so many of us seem only able to focus on where he stands politically. We’ve all overlooked the fact that the man is a genuine war hero, who has done some incredible things, and despite the mistakes he may have made with various policies and legislations, loves his country — no one can doubt that. He’s a fiscal conservative, will be great for the military, and is also someone we can trust with foreiqn policy, national security, and the War on Terror.

John McCain is not the conservative dream candidate — he’s broken the collective heart of conservativism multiple times. But we need to start remembering who the alternatives are — Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Who, of these three, would do more harm to the country? Is it even a question?

So many are saying that they refuse to vote for McCain out or “principle”, that they won’t choose the lesser of two evils. But we all need to get over that attitude. We need to understand that things will not always go our way; we may never get another Ronald Reagan. No candidate, not even Reagan himself, will ever be able to measure up the the impossibly high standards conservatives are holding candidates to. Yes, we should support the most conservative candidate we can, but Americans have voted in John McCain as our candidate for 2008, and therefore, we have got to get past the animosity towards McCain.

Let’s leave the whiny emotionalism for the liberals, hmm?

If we can’t unite ourselves this election season, then how can we possibly win? It won’t help the conservative movement one bit to give the country President Barack Obama, or even worse, President Hillary Clinton. Is that what any of us conservatives want? You may be furious because McCain has failed us on some issues, but if we don’t get him into office, then we’ll have a President who fails us on all the issues.

He may not be the candidate that any of us wanted, but we need to get behind him. We need to support John McCain, for the good of the United States.

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