There’s Got To Be A Morning After…

Come November 12, we will (well, most likely) know who our next president will be. And pending anything truly bizarre happening, it will most likely be John McCain, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton.

That means that two of them will not be.

I find myself wondering what the losers will do.

John McCain, if he hasn’t resigned his Senate seat, I suspect will return to the Senate and content on staying there as long as he can. If he does resign, he’ll see if he can get his seat back; if he can’t, then he’ll quietly retire.

Hillary Clinton, who I sincerely doubt will resign her seat, will complete her current term and then retire.

Barack Obama, if he resigns his seat, will follow the Al Gore model and find some cause he can associate himself with and try to keep his public profile as high as he can. If he doesn’t, he will return to the Senate and position himself for another run in four or eight years.

"We've served this nation to protect the likes of ingrates like you."
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