The Dumbest MSM Meme of 2008 — So Far

It’s only February. Leftists in the national media have plenty of additional time within which to project their various disorders.

Having said that, however, we’ve already been treated to a sufficient modicum of media idiocy, haven’t we?

Click the below link for the best example — or worst, depending upon your perspective — of MSM cognitive dissonance.

The “Year of the Youth Vote”

This one takes the cake.

It’s absurd. It’s preposterous. It’s completely asinine. You’d have to write for National Review Online to believe it. Seriously.

On Super Tuesday, in the crucial state of California, the 18-24 year-old demographic made up 7% of the Democrat primary and 5% of the GOP primary. In the South Carolina Democrat primary — arguably the most vicious and hotly-contested presidential primary ever waged(!) — that same demographic made up merely 8% of the total.

Young people never vote in large numbers. They weren’t a significant part of the voting electorate 40 years ago. They weren’t a big portion of the electorate 20 years ago. They didn’t show up last time around. (Remember the “Vote or Die!” campaign? Well, they played dead.) They’re not going to be a major electoral bloc in November.

Eighty-plus percent of November’s general election ballots will be cast by people above the age of 30. Ninety-plus percent will be cast by those above 25 years old. Ninety-five-plus percent of November’s votes will be cast by those above the age of 22.

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