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Barack Obama gets applause for blowing his nose. What will the Presidential hopeful do for an encore?

Singapore beats out Moscow to host the first World Youth Olympics. Expect Russian jets to do a flyover of the island nation in the next few days.

A scandal in the making. South Korea returns 22 Boat people after North Korea requests it. Those great humanitarians in the DPRK then execute the 22 returnees. Supposedly for illegal fishing. Yeah right.

If you build a new port terminal for cruise ships, it is not wise to build a bridge that blocks access to it. Just ask the Japanese.

I feel faint. A Florida newspaper says Photo IDs lead to credible elections.

The Miami Herald changes its URL for news from this to this. Forcing me to change my bookmarks on two computers. Can I give the Herald a Knucklehead award for this?

Contradictory headline of the Day comes from the Herald also- Dade mayor pushes ballpark, warns of cuts

Tiger Woods comes from behind to defeat JB Holmes in the first round of the Accenture Match Play Championship. Leaving the question what a golfer is doing ranked 64th in the world less than three weeks after beating the #2 ranked player in a playoff?

Isn’t love grand? A infatuated 28-year-old locks a co-worker in a car trunk. Then lets her out when she requests to use a bathroom. She takes this time out to call police. Next time bring a bedpan……

A 75-year-old Clearwater Florida woman is to be charged with obstruction of a public place. Her crime? Blocking the McDonald’s drive thru as she waited for no salt French fries. A Clearwater police officer was next in line and tried to get Ms. Merola to move. Ms. Merola got beligerent with the officer.

Don’t ever separate a police officer from his iced coffee or local prosecutors will waste taxpayer money taking you to court.

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