Looking Ahead to OH and TX

Click the below link for an analysis of the crucial Democrat primaries upcoming in Texas and Ohio.


Whites will vote for Clinton. Latinos will vote for Clinton — by a larger margin. Blacks will vote for Obama — by a 90-10 margin.

Women will vote for Clinton. Men will vote for Obama.

Obama will get the highest number of pledged delegates — regardless whether or not Clinton receives the most votes. That’s because of gerrymandered Districts and the ways in which Texas allocates its delegates.


Whites will vote for Clinton. Blacks overwhelmingly will vote for Obama.

Women will vote for Clinton. Presumably Obama will get a decent majority of the male vote, but not nearly the same margin as that by which he won that demographic in places like Wisconsin, Maryland and Virginia. Ohio’s male demographic is far more blue-collar than any of the aforementioned states. That works to Clinton’s advantage. Obama’s support among Democrat males largely consists of white-collar professionals, wealthy liberals, and “metrosexual” types.

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