CNN Democratic Debate

CNN’s Democrat debate just began. Both candidates gave their introductions, and Hillary immediately noted some of her accomplishments in the Senate. She must be following the “Obama doesn’t have any accomplishments” meme.

Both candidates are struggling with colds or something. Hillary’s voice sounds like it might give out at some point tonight and Obama still sounds like he has a head cold. Let’s see if he can get another round of applause for blowing his nose.

At the end of his intro he quoted Barbara Jordan. At least he attributed the quote this time.

Update: Sorry for cutting out at the start of the debate, but my 2 1/2 year old daughter suddenly got sick. From what I did see, it seems that Hillary didn’t gain any ground with this debate even though she is the one who insisted on having it. She thought the debate would benefit her since she could highlight her experience versus Obama’s lack of experience. It doesn’t look like it worked as well as she hoped it would

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