The Poor State Of My State

There are times when I truly hate my fellow Granite Stater, Bruce. Because if it wasn’t for him, I could remain blissfully ignorant of just how hell-bent the Democrats who have taken over our state government are on ruining what made New Hampshire such a wonderful state to live in.

First up, they managed to jack up the state budget up 17.5% in a single year. That led to the stunning realization that if you spend a lot more money, you need to have a lot more money. So they started looking around at raising taxes. (That used to be practically a capital offense here.)

One of their first targets were cigars. Normally, that would be an OK idea — tobacco users are one of the few groups that are still considered “fair game” for taxes. But it turns out that the biggest cigar seller in New Hampshire (Two Guys Smoke Shop) is also the biggest cigar sellers in New England, and they came to New Hampshire to escape Massachusetts’ tax hikes.

Well, now New Hampshire is looking to jack the hell out of those same taxes, but in an even worse way. They intend to institute a 60% tax on cigars, but not on just those sold — but on inventory as well. That means that Two Guys will be hit with a 60% tax on their entire inventory the day the tax goes into effect.

Not surprisingly, the owners are not going to accept this. They are fighting it like hell, and Two Guys’ owner says that should it pass, he’ll go out of business the day before the tax goes into effect. That will kill two of New Hampshire’s 27 cigar stores (as well as ending a planned third Two Guys shop), and I’d guess would take out about half the remaining ones.

I’m no fan of tobacco, but it’s a legal product and if people want to kill themselves, so be it. but this move will put several employers out of business overnight, and destroy a great New Hampshire success story.

What kind of idiots are pushing this plan? The Democrats who now hold the governorship (with my help — I voted for the current Democratic governor twice), the Executive Council, the state Senate, and the state House.

Democrats like this moron.

Representative Nickolas Levasseur is a 23-year-old college student and state representative. As Bruce noted on the Honorable Member’s MySpace page, his interests include “the hunting of neo-conservative Reaganites (a shooting sport brought to you by the republican party in more ways than one!).”

I have no hard information on what Representative Levasseur’s position on the cigar tax is, but I feel fairly comfortable that he most likely supports it. I also would not be a bit surprised if he’d voted in favor of a good chunk of the spending programs that sent the state’s budget up over one-sixth in a single year.

Whoops, my mistake. Representative Nik has only voted on one bill in the last session. He opposed “prohibiting the investment of state funds in the energy sectors of countries that have been identified by the United States Department of State as state sponsors of terrorism.”

One of the things I am most proud of New Hampshire for is our citizen legislature. We don’t have a professional class of lawmakers; they have to have their own means of support, because we only pay them one hundred dollars a year. This does mean that certain groups tend to be over-represented (students, retirees, housewives, the independently wealthy, and so on), but it’s worked out pretty darned well for us.

I just wonder how in hell this moron got elected. My first theory is that no one else really wanted the seat.

I sincerely hope that Representative Nik’s constituents are paying close attention to his voting record non-voting record and his hobbies this November. It kinda makes me wish I still lived in Manchester — he represents my old neighborhood. I’d love to give Representative Nik an earful as a constituent.

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