Berkeley moonbats are attacking the police now, too.

From Blackfive, a video of Debbie Lee standing up for our troops in Berkeley. Ms. Lee is the mother of Mark Allen Lee, the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq, as well as the mother of a Marine, Christopher. She stood before the Berkeley City Council and admonished them for their despicable handling of this situation. She was passionate, brave, moving, and determined. She spares no venom for the Berkeley City Council, and bravo to her. (With all the bad publicity, and Jim DeMint trying to block their federal funding, I’m shocked that Berkeley isn’t running for cover yet!)

Here’s the video.

Bored with attacking and intimidating a USMC recruitment office in Berkeley, hysterical moonbats laid seige to a police office after one of their own was arrested for fighting. Zombie, one of the best photojournalists in the biz, was there and captured the entire incident. As the teenager was walked to the police station, the moonbats (many sporting kaffiyehs, coincidentally, I’m sure) started hyperventilating over the [non-existent] “police brutality”. So what did they feel was the best course of action?

Why, to start screaming at them about their police brutality. Another argument then apparently broke out, leading to another fight, and another teenage moonbat was arrested, which was just simply too much for the Code Pinkos and World Can’t Wait moonbats to bear. These police obviously didn’t know that these people are simply innocent victims, and as these moonbats are the moral authority in our country, are above having the follow the law.

The police marched the two boys to the police station, and the crowd of moonbats followed, backing the police right up to the doors of the station. A Marine supporter told them to calm down, causing the crowd to only get more upset. Medea Benjamin, that wise leader of the Code Pink crazies, told them to participate in a “sit-down protest”. Because, you know, when the policemen and women of our country enforce our laws, surely it’s time to protest! How dare they make these pioneers and leaders follow the law?!

As the mob grew larger and larger, and more and more unruly, the police were forced to call reinforcements to literally defend the perimeter of the police station. Thankfully (for the moonbats, anyway) the mob saw that the police weren’t backing down, and dispersed as the day went on.

Here are just a few of Zombie’s pictures from the event (visit Zombie’s website to view the whole sorry affair):

How pathetic are these people? Protesting, rioting, and attacking the two groups who are sworn to protect them, who put their lives on the line to ensure their safety, despite these idiots’ animosity towards them and absolute lack of any modicum of gratitude — the military and the police.

How do these people not get it? They are attacking the very people who give them the right to protest, the right to wear kaffiyehs and act like moonbattery-filled, kool-aid drinking fools who slander them left and right — our military. Our soldiers are the ones who fight and die to ensure the very rights that these asshats so giddily take advantage of, protesting our military and yet somehow never seeing that the ones they are protesting are the ones that ensure that they will forever have the right to protest. It’s sickening.

And on top of that, they put the Berkeley Police Department in a near-impossible situation; always ready to scream police brutality, constantly trying to provoke them into making any small mistake, so that they can then try to crucify the police as well. Had the Berkeley Police Department been anything besides absolute professionals, I have no doubt that Medea Benjamin would be on CNN right now, screeching about their victimhood, and claiming that the police deliberately targeted them. Yet again, they seem to miss that the people they attacked are people who are sworn to do whatever needed to keep these idiots safe.

I simply cannot understand how it is that these people feel they need to go after our military and our police, who need and deserve our support. I will never understand it.

Hat Tip: Moonbattery

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