What a McCain Administration Might Look Like

If McCain prevails in the November general election — and keep in mind neocons control the voting machines — the first order of business will be to select a cabinet. Click the below link if you’d like to read musings about potential cabinet members.

Rudy Giuliani

If he doesn’t get the Veep slot — and Veep for Rudy is IMO a very long shot — either Attorney General or DHS Secretary would be perfect for him.

Tom Ridge

Assuming he’s not tapped for Veep, Ridge would be an excellent choice for Secretary of Defense. Combat infantry veteran. U.S. Representative. Governor. DHS Secretary. Enough said.

Joe Lieberman

An obvious and sound choice for Secretary of State.

Phil Gramm

A sound choice for Treasury Secretary. Gramm is a trained economist with major Wall St. ties. As such, he also could be tapped for the non-cabinet-level but important position of chief of the Council of Economic Advisors.

Lindsey Graham

Would be a disaster as Attorney General. Would be a train wreck as DHS Secretary. Hopefully he’ll consider himself duty bound to continue serving in the Senate, where he’s merely 1 of 100 with no executive functions.

John Breaux

Energy Secretary. Although Breaux is a bit too close to the oil industry — we need for national security and economic reasons a strong advocate for nuclear and other alternative/renewable energy sources — he’s probably as good an option as anyone else out there and McCain will be looking for old-school Democrats in addition to Republicans. Breaux is an old-school Democrat.

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The following technically are not cabinet-level positions but for obvious reasons they’re worth considering in detail:

CIA Director

Presumably CIA chieftan Michael Hayden would be retained.

National Security Chiefs — Director of National Intelligence and National Security Advisor

If Ridge is not selected for Veep or SOD, then he would be an obvious choice either for DNI or NSA. On the other hand, Mike McConnell, currently the DNI, and Stephen Hadley, currently the NSA, might very well be retained in their respective posts, at least for transitional/continuity periods and purposes.

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