A half full, half empty kind of day

The good-

Today marks 19 20 years since I met my wife Leonita. She has the patience of Job.

Update- 2008-1988= 20. I can’t count today, lol. Leonita and I married in 89.

Anyone ever seen a Filipina on a Polish pony? If not, check beneath the fold.

My bloodwork done yesterday was good according to the doctor. Less than 3 weeks of chemo left.


The cemetery where my son is buried in was struck by vase thieves again.

Some of my online stories were posted without my permission to a porn website. They are Sci-Fi/Fantasy not porn. Some good news- A message is up at the site saying- ‘Board is closed until all requested stories have been removed.’

I emailed the site administrator requesting my stories be removed before that message will be posted. It will have to be seen if the stories are actually removed. I would prefer not having to visit the site. It is gross.

Update- Just checked my author email account. The adminstrator said the stories will be removed at once.

Taken in Gdansk Poland August 2000. If you think the picture is cute and or funny, you don’t know the half of it. We have this on video too, a marching band was going by and my wife was laughing her head off. Leonita had never been on a pony before.

Pray we get at least 19 more years together. With my http://wizbangblog.com/content/2008/01/03/let-the-fun-begin.php“>cancer diagnosis, it could take a miracle.

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