Potomac Primary Quandary

With Sen. John McCain cruising toward the nomination I’m wondering if my vote in tomorrow’s Virginia primary (Maryland and D.C. are voting as well – hence the Potomac Primary moniker) imight have more worth elsewhere; specifically as a vote for Hillary Clinton. Having no dog in the Obama/Clinton fight I have no problem casting a ballot in the Democratic primary to try and get Hillary, who I consider the more favorable opponent for McCain in November, back on track for the Democratic nomination.

I’ve not made up my mind about how to proceed, and if there’s even a hint that McCain might not win big in Virginia then there’s no way I even consider such a move. Since my mind is not made up I figured it was worth opening up for discussion.

It’s a not suicide voting, it would be more like kamikaze voting…

Update: I voted for McCain.

She did it for the children
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