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In this update we’ve got musings about the upcoming military trials in Gitmo of the 9/11 planners and the Justice Department’s charges of espionage against that DOD official. Click the below link to read more.

Pentagon Charges 9/11 Planners

The Pentagon has charged six detainees at Guantanamo Bay with murder and war crimes in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorist atrocities. Officials said they’ll seek the death penalty in what will be the first trials conducted under the post-9/11 military tribunal system.

Ah, yes, the military tribunal system. First Justice Kennedy’s biggest folly. But also the final major accomplishment of the former GOP Congress — before single-issue and non-voting conservatives threw it all away.

Those upcoming trials and convictions/executions also will be a validation of so-called “waterboarding.” That’s probably the most useful investigatory technique employed by the government since 9/11. It works. Enough said.

Here’s a link to the liberal Associated Press’ version of events. That report factually is inaccurate and agenda-driven in various respects, but it’s worth a perusal.

Espionage Charges Filed Against DOD Official and Others

Federal prosecutors have indicted a Defense Department official, accusing him of working to pass sensitive military secrets to the Chinese, and prosecutors in California have indicted four others on similar charges, NBC News reported Monday.

We’ve come a long way since Clinton and Reno, haven’t we?

Here’s a link to NBC’s report. Read the whole thing.

Completely lost amidst the insanity of the liberal media, and the parallel insanity and banality of conservative talk radio, is the tremendous job the Justice Department’s rank-and-file have done over the past seven years.

Faced with extremely extenuating circumstances, utterly reviled by academia and mass media, our country’s federal prosecutors have done yeoman’s work. From post-9/11 terrorism prosecutions, to the Enron/Worldcom corporate scandals, to internal espionage cases, the sheer scope of their accomplishments is remarkable, especially given the realities of criminal law and procedure. Yes, of course, they’ve botched a few cases. That’s simply endemic to criminal practice. Overall they deserve much more than platitudes.

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