Weekend Election Roundup

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Obama Wins LA, WA, ME and NE

Well, duh. Obama has been winning all the caucuses. And it didn’t take a crystal ball to know he’d win the Louisiana primary. Speaking of which, check out this breakdown from the Bayou State:

White LA Democrats voted for Clinton 58-30 {gulp}
Black LA Democrats voted for Obama 86-13 {yikes}

Which raises the following question, doesn’t it?

Was Bill Clinton *really* the country’s “first black president?”

Wash. State GOP Chair Declares McCain Winner of Precinct Caucuses

That was the headline from the AP, NBC, et al. Here’s a link to the actual press release.

The total delegates awarded, BTW?


They award the delegates at their party convention.

Every Vote Counts

Check out the vote total from the Louisiana GOP primary:

69,665 – Huckabee – 43%
67,609 – McCain – 42%

Total delegates awarded?

None. They’ll be doled out at the state party convention.

Huckabee’s winning margin in the vote total, incidentally, was far less than the number of ballots cast in favor of . . . . Mitt Romney. Go figure.

Huckabee Wins KS Caucus

Well, yeah. On whom would you have bet to prevail in a *Saturday morning* caucus in the dead of winter? Having said that, however, a win is a win.

GOP Veeps
Farewell Ron Paul?