The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today’s winner is the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Office. They get the award for following.

GROVELAND – Prosecutors have dropped charges against a Groveland man and his girlfriend because the Lake County Sheriff’s Office mishandled evidence in the case, officials said.

On Aug. 9, Lake County deputies served a search warrant at a home and arrested Britney Lorick, 23, and Perry Garrett, 22, on drug and weapons charges.

Later that day, it was discovered that some items seized during the search — including illegal drugs — were missing from the narcotics unit, Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. John Herrell said.

The Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted its own probe. All 10 members of the Sheriff’s Department who were involved in handing the evidence passed a polygraph exam, Herrell said.

Last week, the Sheriff’s Office learned that the evidence had been left at the scene.

Great work guys! It could be worse I guess. One South Florida police department screwed up a murder investigation last year by cleaning up the crime scene.

The FDLE(Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement) won’t be pursuing any criminal charges, but I name the Lake County Sheriff’s Office today’s Knucklehead of the Day.

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