Clinton Has Lead With Democrat Superdelegates

According to the Associated Press:

Of the 796 lawmakers, governors and party officials who are Democratic superdelegates, Clinton had 243 and Obama had 156. That edge was responsible for Clinton’s overall advantage in the pursuit of delegates to secure the party’s nomination for president. According to the AP’s latest tally, Clinton has 1,135 total delegates and Obama has 1,106, with three delegates still to be awarded from Sunday’s Democratic caucuses in Maine. A candidate must get 2,025 delegates to capture the nomination.

Ah, yes, the superdelegates.

The chess pieces are being moved into place. Soon the neocons will begin using their mind-control powers. Muhahahahaha.


On a serious note, here’s a question for the board:

This year’s Democrat Party nominating convention will be most akin to which of the following:

1. A slow-motion train wreck.
2. A two-year-old’s hissy fit.
3. The implosion of a large building.
4. Your ex-spouse meeting your current spouse.
5. Sales trends for the upcoming book: “We Know All About Electoral Politics,” by the staff of National Review Online, Glenn Reynolds and Hugh Hewitt.
6. All of the above.
7. None of the above.

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