Dear Mayor Bates

Bob Hamer emailed me this letter he sent to Mayor Bates of Berkeley :

February 8, 2008

Mayor Bates:

I read with interest your press release of February 1, 2008 regarding the actions taken by City Council and the Marine Corps recruiting center.

Thank you for clarifying your position.

I am not a citizen of Berkeley but thought you and your city council might like to recognize the humanitarian aid provided by a group I happen to know. I am certain that should your community need their assistance they would provide for you as well.

Are you aware that just recently members of this group have provided the following:

In 2005 as part of the tsunami relief effort they delivered 493,755 pounds of food, water and other supplies between 1/14/05 and 2/9/05.

In 2006, they provided much needed medical aid to East Timor.

In November, 2006 they treated 2,000 victims of the October earthquake in Shinkiari, Pakistan.

In August, 2006, this group worked with the Uganda People’s Defense Force on multiple construction projects including the renovation of the local medical clinic, repairing the children’s ward, the nurses and nuns residence and the kitchen.

In August, 2007 members of this group participated in Project Handclasp and over a period of six months refurbished and built eight schools.

In December, 2007 they delivered 254,425 pounds of food and supplies plus 14,309 gallons water and treated 2,355 patients, to disaster victims in Bangladesh.

I am sure these men and women don’t seek your praise but I think it would appropriate if you and the city council would recognize their efforts.

Oh, by the way, I compiled these statistics by doing a quick Internet check of newspaper articles and I know this only represents a very small contribution made by a partial contingent of this group. In any event it’s time they deserve your thanks. Did I forget to mention these are Marines?

Thanks for your consideration.


Bob Hamer

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