The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today’s winner is Takahiro Fujinuma. He gets the award for the following.

Police have arrested a man for making about 2,600 prank calls to NTT’s directory service because he wanted to talk with female operators.

Takahiro Fujinuma, 37, an unemployed man from Tokyo’s Ota-ku, was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of obstructing business.

“I wanted to talk to women as I felt lonely,” Fujinuma was quoted as telling police. “Although the Dial Q2 telephone service costs money, the 104 directory service is free as long as you don’t ask for a telephone number, so I made calls again and again,” he said.

In the specific cases for which the suspect was arrested, Fujinuma made about 2,600 calls to the directory service provided by NTT Solco in Tokyo’s Minato-ku between June 1 and Nov. 17 last year. At one point, he made more than 200 calls a day.

It was usually deep into the night or early in the morning that Fujinuma made the calls, talking to operators in a sentimental tone and sometimes shouting at them when they tried to hang up.

Records show that Fujinuma made at least 9,133 calls between May 2006 and January this year. He had allegedly started to make the prank calls from around 2004, making over an estimated 10,000 calls in total, police said.

That averages to somewhere between 7 and 9 calls a day. Did this guy have a life?

Apparently not. Takahiro Fujinuma could be said to have a phone girl fetish, maybe so, but I say he is today’s Knucklehead of the Day.

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