Super Duper Tuesday

Scott Elliott has a super duper edition of his primary predictions today at Election Projection and links to others predicting the outcome. Scott says McCain has an advantage because most of the states leaning his way are winner take all. Erick at Red State sees a real trend of conservatives rallying to Romney and says McCain’s team has not reacted with serious aggression to the trend. The emails I have received over the past week convinced me that they have reacted pretty aggressively to it in their blogger outreach, but most of us were already pretty much decided anyway. If they had been as aggressive on other fronts, McCain would have been calling in to a bunch of talk radio shows over the past few days. The polls look really good for McCain. Romney is doing well in vote rich California, but it is not a winner take all state. It will be interesting to see whether or not some of the late rallying to Romney is enough to pull an upset in some states and keep him in the race.

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