GOP Primary Results

Fox has called Connecticut, Illinois, and New Jersey for McCain. Romney won his state of Massachusetts by a lot. And Huckabee has won Alabama and West Virginia.

At this point, McCain is leading in Oklahoma and Tennessee with Huckabee in second in both states.

But get this: Jim Geraghty reports that, according to exit polls, Romney is tied with McCain in Arizona!!

Arizona: McCain 36 percent, Romney 36 percent, Huckabee 7 percent. I think there are a lot of tough-on-immigration folks and a lot of Mormons coming together tonight to oppose McCain in his home state. I wouldn’t bet a great deal on it holding, but it’s a pretty eye-opening result.


Huckabee has won Arkansas. Not a surprise. Add Alabama as well.

Update: McCain has won Delaware.

Update II: Isn’t this interesting. Arizona’s polls just closed, but it’s too close to call right now. Heh.

Update III: Romney and Huckabee will be speaking soon. No idea as to time, just that it will be soon. McCain is expected to speak soon, too.

Update IV: Put Illinois on the McCain list. And New York.

Update V: Fox has called Oklahoma for McCain

Update VI: Mike Huckabee speaks: It is a two man race: McCain and him. Of course, Huckabee isn’t going to win the nomination; instead, he’s probably hoping to get the VP slot. The Romney camp can’t be happy this evening. So far, Mitt’s only won his home state of Massachusetts and Utah. Unless he wins a couple more states, it’s over for him.

Now we wait to hear from Romney.

Update VII: Mitt Romney speaks: His campaign is going forward. He says they’re going all the way to the convention and will win the White House. Watching his wife just over his right shoulder, she doesn’t look as convinced as he does. Or maybe it’s just fatigue.

Romney wins North Dakota.

Update VIII: Huckabee wins Missouri and Tennessee.

Here’s where we stand:

McCain: CT, DE, IL, NJ, NY, OK, AZ, MO

Romney: MA, ND, UT, MT, MN, CO

Huckabee: AL, AR, GA, TN, GA

Update IX: Yikes. McCain may have won Arizona, but he’s only at 49% 47% of the vote so far.

Update X: CNN calls Minnesota for Romney. And he’s leading in Colorado with 12% of precincts reporting.

Update XI: A note on Huckabee’s win in Arkansas. He won his home state more decisively than McCain or Romney won their home states.

Update XII: Add Colorado to Romney’s list of wins.

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