Early Exit Polls

Jim Geraghty at the Campaign Spot has some very interesting early exit polls. Keep in mind that these could change.

As expected, California is very close with McCain at 40 percent, Romney at 36 percent, and Huckabee with10 percent.

McCain is leading in the northeast as expected. In Massachusetts, Romney is leading, again, as expected Romney 54 to McCain with 35. However, in Arizona, McCain is leading but not by much: McCain is at 44, Romney at 39, and Huckabee trails with 8. Right now, Romney has virtually swept in Utah, carrying a 91 percent of the vote.

And take a look at Missouri: Romney 34 percent, McCain 32 percent, Huckabee 25 percent. Missouri is a bellwether state, so it’s good news for Romney.

In the South, Huckabee is doing well.

Alabama: Huckabee 42 percent, McCain 33 percent, Romney 20 percent.

Tennessee: Huckabee 34, McCain 28, Romney 23.

Arkansas: Huckabee 33, McCain 21, Romney 19.

Oklahoma: McCain 34, Huckabee 32, Romney 27.

Check back to Campaign Spot for updates.

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