Congressional candidate lawyers up and threatens Wizbang, poorly…

John Kerry’s former girlfriend, and current candidate for a Congress, Lee Whitnum, really, really wants to erase her 15 minutes of Internet fame. We did one story on her because in 2004 she was news (for a day) since she was John Kerry’s ex-girlfriend and was “promoting” a novel based (you guessed it) on a Northeastern Senator’s love life.

Lots of other sites, including Drudge, reported on Whitnum’s Kerry scrapbook. Last year Whitnum tried to get Wizbang and MediaBistro to remove their 2004 stories. We both declined.

Now she’s a Democratic candidate for Congress in Connecticut and the liberal bloggers covering the race have had a chance to get to know Whitnum. They’re not impressed.

Last year Whitnum sued Yahoo for $125,000 in lost sales (ha!) for taking down her Hedge Fund Mistress site in the midst of a Drudge link and lost.

Last week I received the following poorly worded letter from her lawyer.


Clearly since she’s wacky enough to sue Yahoo she probably wouldn’t think twice about suing me…

She’s got no case, and we’ve got a kick-ass lawyer so I’m not really worried…

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