Friday's Business News Update

In today’s update we’ve got snippets about job creation in January (very weak) and growth in total incomes and salaries (very strong).

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Job Growth

Job growth in January was very weak:

— The economy created the paltry net sum total of 37,000 jobs. That includes net changes in 1099 contractor jobs, self-employment and in per diem jobs.

— Established employers in January, however, shed the net sum total of 17,000 payroll jobs. Goverment payroll employment declined by 18,000 net jobs, meaning established private-sector employers merely added the net sum total of 1,000 W-2 jobs.

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Income and Salary Growth

Total incomes and total wages and salaries not only have continued to outpace total consumer inflation, they’ve outpaced inflation by wide margins:

5.8% – growth in total incomes, 12/06 – 12/07
4.8% – growth in total wages and salaries, 12/06 – 12/07

4.1% – total consumer inflation, 12/06 – 12/07

For obvious reasons the chances the media will report those numbers to the general public are

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