Well, This Is Just Super…

(Alternate Title: See You Next Tuesday)

As pretty much everyone knows (and everyone but me cares), this Sunday is the Superbowl. And it’s exciting as hell to a lot of people (not including me), because the New England Patriots have not lost a single game all season. If they win, they will have won every single one of the 19 games they will have played.

This is HUGE in New England, especially in Massachusetts. Indeed, Boston’s mayor has already declared that, win or lose, there will be a parade through Beantown to honor the team. It’ll be Tuesday.

They’d call it “Super Tuesday,” but they’ve been beaten to the punch. Tuesday already is “Super Tuesday,” when 24 states will be having their presidential primaries.

Including Massachusetts.

As the Boston Herald noted, the city of Boston has already proven itself so inept at running elections, they’ve had them taken away from them and they are being run by the state through next year. I wouldn’t be a damned bit surprised if the state decided to extend this even longer — it’s obvious the city has no clue about how elections should be handled, if they’re going to schedule a Super Bowl parade to go right through the city on an election day.

Once again, Massachusetts leads the way in finding new and innovative and unique ways to screw things up. Well done, Bay State.

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