New Border ID Rules Take Effect, Chaos predicted by liberal media fails to materialize

Motorists passed easily through border checkpoints Thursday as tougher identification standards for U.S. and Canadian citizens went into effect, without backups or confusion.

U.S. and Canadian citizens entering or re-entering the country no longer will be allowed simply to declare their citizenship to immigration officers at border crossings. Instead, those 19 years and older will have to show valid proof of citizenship — a passport, trusted traveler card or a birth certificate and government-issued ID card such as a driver’s license.

Customs officials said delays were minimal across the country and that most motorists had the documentation they needed.

Bonus points to the first liberal law professor or student who can figure out a way to complain about those measures *and* simultaneously to complain the Bush administration is not doing enough to secure the border *and* that the government should spend less public money but also should increase border security.

* * *
Here’s a link to the AP’s version of events.

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