The Raw Numb3rs Behind the Fla. Vote

I got bored Tuesday night. Plus I saw this article indicating cannabis is far more carcinogenic than tobacco, and that got me so nervous . . . oh, right, never mind.

In any event, I sat down and looked at the complete exit polling data from NBC for the Florida primaries. To determine whether and to what extent there were demographic trends underlying the vote totals.

There are indeed such trends.

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The So-Called “Youth Vote”

Ah, yes, the “youth vote.” Lately you’ve seen and heard a lot about that from Pravda-media, haven’t you?

As any long-term political observer can tell you, however, the phrase “youth vote” is as oxymoronic as “sentient liberal journalist” or “useful liberal arts degree.”

Young people don’t actually vote.

Folks ranging in age from 18-29 made up just 7% of the GOP primary and merely 9% of the Democrat primary.

In general elections the 18-30 demographic maxes out under 20% of the total vote, and many of those ballots are faulty and thus deemed “provisional” or are cast in favor of minor third parties.

The Latino Vote

Latinos voted for McCain over Romney by a 54-14 margin. They voted for Clinton over Obama by a 59-30 margin.

That should not at all be surprising.

On the GOP side, the reason for Latinos’ support of McCain is beyond obvious. It’s one of the reasons why McCain will win California — irrespective of his Florida win and of Giuliani’s upcoming endorsement.

On the Democrat side, the reason for Latinos’ overwhelming support of Clinton also is beyond obvious, although there’s no chance in hell you’ll hear it from the liberal Democrat media.

Latinos and blacks do not get along. Never have. Especially in urban areas. That’s one of the primary reasons why Clinton will win California — despite the inevitable media polls alleging a close contest — and why she’ll easily win Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

Yes, Virginia, race does matter.

The Middle Class

Voters with total family incomes ranging from $30,000 – $100,000 made up:

— 57% of the GOP primary.
— 58% of the Democrat primary.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear a liberal Democrat from Pravda-media saying the GOP is “the party of the rich.”

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Note: the full data can be obtained by scrolling around this Webpage and its attendant links.

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