McCain, Inc.

Now that McCain clearly is heading towards the nomination, I figured it would be worthwhile to start thinking about the near-term futures of his major rivals, other politicos who’ve lately been in the news, and a few others from McCain’s Senate circles.

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I don’t see Romney being named Veep.

For one thing the McCain-Romney fight got nasty and McCain is one to hold a grudge. (To this day he harbors ill will towards Bush for that South Carolina fiasco in 2000).

Moreover it would not make any sense to have Romney on the ticket. The single-issue border folks are not actually going to vote in November. It makes no difference who’s on the ticket. Plus there is the Mormon issue. It’s not a coincidence Romney finished a distant fourth in South Carolina. There are millions of people out there in the general electorate — especially in the South — who simply won’t vote for a Mormon. That might not be PC. But it’s reality.

I suspect Romney is heading back to the private sector when this is over.


Health and age alone rule out the Veep slot.

Giuliani already is in his 60’s and has had cancer. Given McCain’s advanced age it’s incumbent upon him to name a young and healthy Veep.

Giuliani, however, obviously would have to be on the short list for Attorney General or Department of Homeland Security Director. Either job would be perfect for him.


Not a chance of being named Veep. There are no cabinet spots for him either.

With luck he’ll eventually return to the public arena by trying to oust one of the incumbent Democrat U.S. Senators from his home state.


Other than McCain himself, this guy was the biggest winner on Tuesday.

Crist obviously would need to be on the short list for Veep. (Not that McCain would need help winning Florida in the general. He won’t. If Bush won Florida twice while losing the vote of Independents then McCain in that state will mop the floor with Clinton.) A young governor from Florida is the very definition of a GOP vice presidential contender.


Did the smart thing by campaigning for McCain in Florida. Would have to be considered with Crist as a frontrunner for Veep. He’s arguably a much better choice. As mentioned above, McCain will not need assistance winning Florida in the general election. With Pawlenty on the ticket there would be the potential to flip two Democrat states from 2000 and 2004 — MN and WI — with a combined electoral vote sum equivalent to Ohio’s.


Categorically ruled out the Veep slot. He would not have been picked in any event. Despite what you often hear from the Pravda-media, McCain is loyal to the GOP.

Lieberman is, however, a strong contender for Secretary of State.


Ah, Hagel.

As a decorated combat infantryman and two-term U.S. Senator Hagel’s obviously qualified for Secretary of Defense. Hopefully he won’t get that job, however. Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs would be more palatable.


Graham is the most problematic of McCain’s confidantes.

Graham as Attorney General would be an abomination. I’d rather have Bozo the Clown. Unfortunately, however, and it makes me wretch even thinking about it, I suspect there’s not only a possibility but a probability of Graham getting that job. {shudder}

D.C. Circuit Judge Janice Rogers Brown

Remember that “Gang of 14” kerfuffle? Well, lost amid the screaming and frothing was the fact that deal got Judge Brown onto the D.C. Circuit. The D.C. Circuit is the traditional stepping stone to the U.S. Supreme Court.

McCain easily could get a chance to pick three or even four SCOTUS Justices. It’s almost certain he’ll get at least one vacancy. Judge Brown would be the obvious first choice. Elevating Judge Brown would validate the deal by which the Democrat filibuster of her appeals court nomination was broken. We’d also be treated to a very fine jurist being added to the High Court; a jurist that would spend the next decade-plus helping to eradicate all traces of leftism from the law books.

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