Lie Down With Dogs…

While flipping channels last night, I caught a glimpse of Fox News’ coverage of the Florida primary. Hillary was celebrating with two of her top Florida campaign officials. I didn’t catch the woman’s name, but the guy was identified as Representative Alcee Hastings.

That’s the same former federal judge Alcee Hastings, impeached for corruption and removed from office back in 1989.

This got me thinking: how many people involved in Hillary Clinton’s campaign have some serious legal/ethical issues in their past? I started working up an admittedly incomplete list.

Bill Clinton: Impeached for perjury, acquitted by the Senate, but stripped of his license to practice law for lying under oath.

Sandy Berger: Pleaded guilty to stealing and destroying 9/11-related documents from the National Archives; has yet to undergo the agreed-upon polygraph test over the matter.

Norman Hsu: Wanted fugitive for fraud from the 90s, sneaked back into the US and became a major fundraiser for Hillary until his fugitive status was uncovered.

Sidney Blumenthal: Faciing trial for aggravated drunken driving in Nashua, New Hampshire the night of the New Hampshire primary.

That’s just five high-ranking people, off the top of my head. How many more names can you add to the list? Remember, they have to be documented, not just generally “sleazy.”

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