Primary day in Florida

Just in case you didn’t notice voting is taking place in Florida today. This is an updated and slightly revised version of a post I made at Wizbang Politics. Remember, I’ve been a resident of Florida, or at least registered to vote here since 1976.

There were no political calls this morning till about 10:30. Then I got ones from Ann Romney and McCain. Yesterday I got phone calls from Mitt Romney, Jack Kemp, Robert Wexler, Adam Hasner, and Charlie Crist to name a few. I would have been really impressed and not automatically hang up the phone, if one of these people called me in person. A cancer patient likes to have some peace and quiet when vomitting in the nearest garbage can.

Dear wife, myself, and my mother-in-law went out to vote early this morning. Before I get to that, I’ll make mention of what Jim Johnson at State of Sunshine writes in regards to his vote-

Earlier today I told you how it was still a difficult decision. It was. I stared at that screen for five minutes. In the end, I voted for Rudy Giuliani. It’s not that I think Rudy is the best candidate. Clearly I don’t. I like them all equally, which is to say not a whole heck of alot. (Although any of them are preferable to anything the Democrats have to offer.)

So here is why I voted for Rudy: to thumb my nose at Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

I don’t like the way this primary season has shaped up. There has to be a better way. That is where Rudy comes in.

Pundits have been talking about the strategy of waiting until Florida and Super Tuesday, calling the concept all kinds of things – none of them positive. By focusing the money on the bigger prizes – from staffing and organization to media – Giuliani is swinging for the fences. Yes, he could go down swinging; but he could also hit the biggest home run since Babe Ruth.

Jim went a little over the top on the cliche meter, but I still think he is best conservative political blogger in Florida. Even if I disagree with Jim’s Giuliani vote, he is right about the present sad state of affairs when it comes to how our President is selected.

So where did our votes go today.

Votes for McCain were cast by DW and my MIL. They dislike Giuliani intensely, his history of adultery and his being pro-choiceare just two reasons. Huckabee was a non-starter, my wife saying he’s an empty can, that left Romney and McCain. They picked McCain because of his stands on national security. Other issues like opposition to the Bush tax cuts and McCain-Feingold were not factors when my wife and MIL voted for the Arizona Senator.

As for me, I voted for Obama. Out of the three serious Democrats still running, I dislike the Illinois Senator the least. There isn’t much of a difference in the message Clinton, Edwards, and Obama are putting out(The same can be said for the Republicans), it basically came down to personalities for me. Senator Clinton is good at telling people what they want to hear, but is that what she will do if elected? Obama doesn’t raise that often at least in my mind.

Hillary is going to win the Democratic nomination this summer, unless Paul for certain or maybe Huckabee or Giuliani get the nomination, I’m not likely to be voting Democratic in November. If I live that long.

Since first being allowed to vote in 1979, I have cast general election votes for John Anderson, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Clinton in 92(I voted my wallet at the time. First President Bush never impressed me when it came to the economy) and I’m not absolutely certain but maybe Clinton again in 96(Dole was a terrible nominee by the Republicans), and GW Bush twice.

Also note I voted against the property tax referendum here in Florida.

Some other observations

My polling place wasn’t busy, but wasn’t slow either. For a primary, turnout looks to be high.

After voting we handed our cards to the person at the door. Why isn’t their a box to drop them in? Where is this guy going to put them, when he’s through giving us our ‘I voted’ stickers? Seems like my polling place doesn’t have its priorities straight. I probably should have said something but didn’t.

Saw a SUV with an Alaska license plate in a handicapped space outside of Costco. It could take another 31 years, 6 months and 29 days of living here in Florida before I see that again.

There was something else I wanted to mention, but I forgot. Blame it on radiation, chemo, old age, or my watching a Banacek DVD this afternoon. Take your choice. I may blog later tonight as the results come in. If not, I’ll do it in the morning.

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