I'm Officially Rooting for the New York Giants

Even though Tom Brady bugs me, I was going to root for the Patriots because it would be kind of cool to see the Patriots go undefeated. But now there’s no way I’m going to root for the Pats. Brady is an idiot. Dean Barnett explains:

Before the assembled press horde, Patriot superstar Tom Brady, a.k.a. the best quarterback ever, urged people to be more responsible. But he wasn’t just talking about sports stars. He urged everyone to go see Al Gore’s tedious opus, “An Inconvenient Truth,” because “it really is the truth.” He then bragged about/confessed to driving a hybrid.

An Inconvenient Truth is the truth? Ugh. The guy’s a moron. Go Giants!

Update: Thanks to commenter Son of the Godfather for directing me to this story of inspiration at the Jawa Report.

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