Bill Clinton Pulling a Putin?

Andres Martinez at the Washington Post’s “Stumped” answers a question about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. The question: is a Clinton dynasty the only issue that should prevent her from the presidency. The answer: no, it’s the lying and cheating, but Bill’s Putinesque behavior is especially disturbing:

I was wrong to say the prospect of a Clinton dynasty was her candidacy’s biggest problem. The bigger problems may be lying, cheating and lack of discipline.


The real concern may be a co-presidency, which raises intriguing constitutional questions. Is Bill Clinton pulling a Putin — or a Kirchner? The Russian president couldn’t seek re-election again, so he tapped a relatively unknown crony to run as his candidate in March, and is largely expected to continue running the show behind the scenes (maybe even as prime minister). Nestor Kirchner of Argentina decided not to run for re-election last fall, but made way for his wife Cristina to win the presidency and keep the Pink House in the family.


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