Bill Clinton: Race Baiter

Bill Clinton is such a sleaze. I don’t understand how anyone can support either him or Hillary. Barack Obama completely trounced Hillary and John Edwards, but how does Bill Clinton characterize Obama’s win? He essentially said, “well, of course, Barack Obama won; most of the voters were black.” Of course he didn’t say it just like that, but he might as well when he said Obama’s win was no big deal because Jesse Jackson won there twice. I’m not an Obama supporter but the man is a legitimate presidential candidate who happens to be black. The Clintons are trying to marginalize him by characterizing him as the black candidate in the vein of Jesse Jackson. Here’s the video via TPM:

Michael Graham at The Corner writes that the Clintons have succeeded in their efforts to marginalize and defeat Obama:

He’s got a glass jaw, and he will fall into the trap of identity politics.

In fact, he already has. The “could we beat Obama?” conversation is purely academic. It’s over. The Clintons have defeated him already, because he is leaving South Carolina as “the black candidate.”

He won’t win another state. Even worse, in November Hillary will carry 90 percent of the black vote, despite their cynical, race-based campaign against the first viable black presidential candidate.

According to Graham, it looks like Bill Clinton has protected his status as the first black president.

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