New Welfare Rules Friendlier to Students

Welfare Guidelines Eased for College and Vocational School Students

Welfare recipients who go to college will be able to use up to a year of classwork to meet the program’s work requirements and no longer will need to have their homework supervised for that time to count.

Those rule changes were implemented in 2006. To lower costs of compliance for individual states. Also to reflect the realities of adult education programs.

In true media fashion, however, the most important point is contained in the very last graf of the story:

About 2 million families per month get [federal welfare TANF] cash assistance, down from the historical high of 5 million families in the mid-1990’s.

Yeah, that’s true, a 60% drop in welfare cases, despite a much larger population. The direct effects of welfare reform. One of the crowning achievements of the Lott-Gingrich-Armey-DeLay years.

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