Bill Clinton on "polarizing" politics

Having spent the last few weeks polarizing the Democratic nomination race, Bill Clinton takes the time to grab the mantle of victimhood and blame “right wing Republicans” for the polarization. He performed in Spartansburg, South Carolina, as reported by Katharine Q. Seelye at The New York Times Politics Blog:

Bill Clinton just staged a passionate defense of his wife here, after a voter asked how Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton could unite this country when it is so split, politically and racially, and when she is such a polarizing figure.

The question unleashed an attack against the Republicans and an unusual assertion that Mr. Clinton had somehow escaped those attacks (has he forgotten so quickly?); he said he understood the right-wing bullies because he grew up with them. And he said that when they “didn’t have me to kick around anymore,” they went after his wife.

Read the rest at the link above, which we found thanks to reader Hugh S, who notes the irony of the phrase, “didn’t have me to kick around anymore.”

Clinton needn’t include, “because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference.” No one will believe that until his funeral, when he will probably announce it at a hastily-arranged press conference. Him pointing fingers at anyone else as “polarizing” is the perfect example of “the audacity of hope.”

It’s as if a chain-saw murderer reacted to accusations of violence by crying, “What, ME? The others were the ones bleeding all over the place!”

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