Senate Backs Bush on Wiretaps

The U.S. Senate on Thursday rejected an attempt by the chamber’s liberal wing to weaken the Bush administration’s ability to fight the global war against genocidal Islamic terrorists.

By a 60-36 vote, Senators defeated a proposal to give the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court increased oversight powers over wiretaps and other warantless investigatory programs. The FISA Court is made up of federal judges and operates in secret. The court was created in 1978, as part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

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The complete roll call:

74% — 35 / 47 — Democrats for weaker approach to war on terror
0% — 0 / 47 – Republicans for weaker approach to war on terror

100% — 47 / 47 — Republicans for strong approach to war on terror
26% — 12 / 47 — Democrats for strong approach to war on terror

Plus Lieberman (strong approach) and the Vermont socialist (weak approach) =
60-36, against the Senate’s left wing and against their puppet masters in the ACLU.

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Here’s a link to the Associated Press’ report, which for obvious reasons is couched in far different terms.

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