Ironic Liberal Media Headlines of the Day

Unions work in Florida, Dem contenders don’t — AP

Hell, the phrase “unions work” alone is worth its weight in irony.

* * *
Clinton, Obama take war of words to airwaves — Reuters

Why is that Democrat primary getting so vicious? I mean, seriously, shouldn’t they be sitting around the campfire, singing Kumbaya, while petting baby seals and spotted owls?

* * *
Romney tops in ill will among GOP rivals — N.Y. Times, MSNBC

Aw, shucks, why can’t we all just get along?

* * *
Professor: Fractions should be scrapped — USA Today

Ah, yes, it’s good to see they’re focusing on the *big issues* over in the ivory towers of academia.

* * *
The Resurrection of John McCain — Time

Now, that headline will send various factions into various tailspins.

* * *

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