Evil, Rotten, and Scummy

The manager of a Boynton Beach cemetery used these words when describing the people responsible for the following crime and two more just like it.

Thieves stole more than 500 flower urns from a cemetery at 10th Avenue North and Kirk Road on Saturday and Sunday, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

The flower urns, each 15 to 22 pounds, are worth more than $60,000, detectives said. The thieves took the urns with the intention of selling them for scrap, they said.

They likely hit the cemetery at night, officials said.

Many scrap yards require documentation that authorizes the sale of the metal, officials said. It wasn’t clear what kind of metal the urns are made from.

This news hits close to home, because today the wife and I went to visit the Boynton Beach cemetery where my parents are buried, plus my son who would have been five-years-old this coming Friday.(Click the link to read Daniel’s story. Daniel only lived 14.5 hours in 2003) Both my son and parent’s vases were stolen. When talking to the cemetery manager, we found out 350 vases were stolen last Friday night.

People steal these vases for scrap metal. The manager saying the bronze vases, if sold legitimately, the thieves would collect $15-20 per lb of bronze and these vases weigh 12 lbs each. You do the math even at 20 cents(No reputuable person is going to buy hundreds of vases from some nobody off the street) on the dollar. What a bunch of @#%^! scumbags these people are and on Friday I can’t even put flowers in a vase on my son Daniel’s grave. They’ll be put in a plastic cup instead. Now we don’t even have a place to tie a birthday balloon!

I’d kick the shit out of these people if I’d ever get my hands on them.

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