It has been a rough week

First there was my chemo and radiation for my cancer. I even threw up on a copy of Golf World. No not the magazine with the noose on its cover.

Add to this the fact that in one week we lost Bobby Fischer, the creator of the frisbee Richard Knerr, and then the voice of Magilla Gorilla or rather actor Allan Melvin. That’s alot to have to suffer through.

Then to top it off, Suzanne Pleshette died yesterday. I watched and enjoyed ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ when I was a teenager.

Any of Pleshette’s fans know of her part in a famous television moment, the ending of ‘Newhart’. The Onion, as Professor Althouse points out, had a little squib on that bit of television history some years back. Saying-

CHICAGO–The 15-billion-year-old universe came to a surprise-twist end Tuesday, when God woke up next to actress Suzanne Pleshette. “What a crazy dream I just had,” God said to Pleshette at the conclusion of the popular, long-running universe. “I was the Creator of all things, I had this crazy Son who was always getting arrested and wouldn’t get a haircut, and My children were always hurting and killing each other in My name.” Pleshette reassured God that He had imagined the whole thing and urged the beleaguered, well-intentioned deity to go back to sleep.

LMAO! We’re all part of God’s dream or nightmare, depending on how you look at it. RIP Suzanne.

You could say much of television is from the of imagination of one autistic boy named Tommy Westphall. Go check the grid out to understand just how many television shows are interconnected to St. Elsewhere. Anything from ‘Mission Impossible’ to ‘The Nanny’.(Not to mention Alf, Nanny and The Professor, Touched by an Angel, All Star Trek shows and the list goes on) Maybe Tommy imagined God too. Confusing is it, or should I not blog after chemo?

This week is already looking better than last. The third season of Hawaii Five-0 and the second season of Banacek are both coming out on DVD tomorrow. I already have my order in and look forward to receiving these videos. Yes, I don’t have much of a life other than watching videos and making sarcastic and often wrong blog posts. Heck its better than the atlernative.

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