Asswipe of the Day : The New York Giants Football Club

The New York Giants won three road games to get to the Super Bowl. They could never have done it without their kicker, Lawrence Tynes, whose overtime field goal punched the ticket for the NFC Championship.

So how does a championship team thank the man whose work made the difference? Gregg Doyle of CBS tells us:

As the ball was tumbling through the uprights, silencing the Lambeau Field crowd and sending his teammates onto the field in a frenzy, Tynes turned and ran 75 yards through the opposite end zone, through the tunnel and into the locker room. He ran alone.”

Well, maybe the team showed him after the game how much they appreciated his work? Mr. Doyle reports:

I shadowed Tynes for most of an hour inside the Giants locker room, and Feagles was again the only teammate who said a word to him. Yes, there was a 10-minute period immediately after the game when the media was not allowed inside the locker room, and perhaps the entire organization used that time to kiss Tynes’ feet — but for the next hour, not a single teammate said a word to the guy who kicked the game-winning field goal in the NFC title game. That seems strange.”

Strange indeed. Doyle reported that the game conditions were no treat for kickers:

Kicking in this game couldn’t have been easy. Both teams averaged less than 33 yards per punt. Kickoffs were stalling near the 15-yard line. The sub-zero temperature turned the ball slippery and hard — so hard that it left bruises all over the top of Tynes’ foot.

Look, I know no one gets googly over kickers, but a little appreciation for the man who did as much as anyone to make it happen seems appropriate. Shunning the game-winner is pretty classless, certainly lacks the sense of team that we hear so much about, and so while there may be a different ‘Knucklehead of the Day’, the New York Giants get my ‘Asswipe of the Day‘ vote.

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